The Advisory Council

While the ultimate authority lies with the Lord Commander Anargo, designated fief holder of the Anargo system and member of the nobilitas imperialis, the nature of the original coup d’etat required that Gaius involved a number of the significant local nobility for support. This was the origin of the Advisory Council and which has broadly remained unchanged excepting for some obvious additions, namely officials of the adeptus terra with the transfer of the seat of power to Anargo. The current composition of the Advisory Council is as follows:

Lord Commander Anargo, Diomar Gauis II.
Lord Arbiter, Taranis Galmar.
Representative of the adeptus terra (usually an adept of the adeptus administratum).
Anargo Commander Militant.
Representative of the Inquisition.
Representatives of the nobilitas provincialis (15).
The Advisory Council serves to discuss local executive policy as well as determine and enforce the impact of Imperial policy on both Anargo and the Anargo sector in general. On the local level the Advisory Council also acts to create specific Inquiries, groups of nobilitas provincialis, local arbites and administratum adepts to deal with specific socio-economic activities on a demand basis, i.e. the construction of new sewage systems in a given city, dealing with poor ‘relocation’ in the hive spires of the southern hemisphere, etc. It is through the politicking of the Advisory Council that the adeptus ministorum has begun to try and increase its hold on this traditional stoic opponent.

On the sector-level, Lord Commander Anargo has, strictly, little official influence on the sector as a whole beyond the regular social interaction with the upper echelons of the adeptus terra. What influence the Lord Anargo has is, however, promoted through the Convocation.

The Convocation

Occurring once every century, the Anargan Convocation invites the Imperial Commanders and their entourage to discuss matters of local and Imperial policy. Designed to be a grand event, both social and economic as well as political, it acts to draw together the leaders of the far-flung worlds of the Anargo sector in the hope that never again will they experience the depradations upon themselves and the people of their worlds as experienced during Vandire’s reign and the wars of pacification that followed.