Anargo Primus

Planet name: Anargo Primus
World Class: Civilised
Population: 28,200,000,000
Tech Level: C/D
Tithe Grade: Exactis Prima
Aestimare: A290

Star spectral type: G3V
Orbital Distance: 1.0 AU
Orbital Period: 368.98 Terran days
Rotation Period: 21.98 Terran hours
Equatorial Diameter: 14,240 km
Gravity: 1.17G
Atmospheric composition: Standard Oxygen-Nitrogen mix
Surface atmospheric pressure: 1.0 atm.
Mean surface temp.: 19.28C
Hydrosphere: 56%
Indigenous life forms: macroscopic (remnant)
Satellites: 0

Anargo is a civilised world that exists upon the cusp of change, a tsunami created by a huge influx of population and rising natural birth rates, and Anargo’s changed status as capital world of the sector during the closing decades of the Age of Apostasy. When combined with the centralisation of manufacturing infrastructure, Anargo holds itself on the threshold of becoming a hiveworld. Yet it is not yet the toxic nightmare that hiveworlds often turn into as a result of their manufacturing industries or their poor environmental management. Manufacture and the majority of the population has been aggregated in the sub-arctic zones of the northern and southern hemispheres, minimalising their impact upon the controlled agrarian and mariculture environments of the warmer northern lattitudes. In many ways Anargo is a world of opposites, a feature mirrored if one observes the world from orbit. At night in the south one can see the numerous bright lights of the teeming cities and hives of the urban south, while the northern lattitudes are sparsely populated, green with the verdant rainforests that abound. Even the seas are green, an artefact of the extensive mariculture which is used to support the vast bulk of the extensive population.

Yet Anargo is at the centre of things. As the administrative capital of not only the Anargo subsector but the entire subsector, it has the largest single presence of the Adeptus Terra – more specifically the Adeptus Administratum – of any world in the sector. An entire archipelago of hundreds of islands and a substantial portion of a land mass is taken up with the Imperial Conclave, a city of five hundred million adepts who administrate not only Anargo, but the entire Anargo sector.

Anargo Primus Crest:

Anargo Primus: