House Neopotanius (Salinas)

A noble house surrounded by mystery, distrusted by other nobles in the Anargo sector, House Neopotanius is as much a cult as it is a noble house. Its members wear uniform orange and purple robes, painting their faces white and decorating them with unfamiliar patterns. In its dealings with the Imperium, other noble houses or business partners, House Neopotanius is very secretive, sharing as little knowledge as possible with outsiders. It maintains its own unique hierarchy, behavioural etiquette and customs, even having a House language that is not spoken by outsiders. While House Neopotanius has received a fair deal of stigma by other religious groups because of its incomprehensible traditions, its loyalty to the Imperium is virtually beyond question. Its unique identity comes only from a deep-rooted belief in an ancient Imperial philosophy, dating back to the early days of the Imperial church.