House Valetine (Anargo Primus)

The Valetines as a House date back to the foundation of Canalis, back when it still had canals, or so they claim.  They certainly own the water supplies, and a great deal of the electricity that goes to the city comes from them.  They, along with the Balthezines, supported the Gaian Revolt, although they have no great love for him or his successors.  It is rumoured that the dominant underhive gang, Kay Niff Eee is their puppet; certainly it has no problems getting arms that it shouldn't have.  The head of the House, Magnus Valetine is young, but has not been seen in public for three years.  It is rumoured that he proposed to Verné Mercurian, and she poisoned him with a degenerative tailored biological agent, designed to ruin his famous looks.