House Rehan (Anargo Primus)

House Rehan has been recently created, essentially by one man.  Aramus Rehan, a third generation immigrant from Q'shen, a feudal backwater in the Dorvastor sub-sector, has built this House up to House Major status through hovering up all of the other House Minors in Canalis.  As a result, their interest are very diverse; from industry to construction.  Rehan is famed for his charity; the "Rehan Houses for the Poor" get him loyal workers for life.  It is noted that Rehan has a disproportionate number of daughters from his multiple marriages, although their husbands have tended to die early; he is now one hundred and fifty, and the most recent child is still an infant.  Among some circles there are dark mentions of technosorcery, that he is somehow arranging the archeomantic arrangement of the proto-hive for some effect, although no proof for these allegations have been found anywhere.  Madmen claim to see the Hive and Him uniting, so it would become an extension of his body; they claim to see the runes of Control, Alteration and Deletion in the power cabling the House lays.