House Mercurian (Anargo Primus)

A famed house of dilettantes, and hereditary landlords, the Mercurians own a lot of the Skirt region of Canalis.  As a consequence, they have been in decline, as the city has begun to contract upwards, into the proto-hive.  The aged head of the House, and his four immediate heirs, were killed in an unfortunate air-car accident when their two vehicles collided; as a consequence, the title has passed to Verné Mercurian, a grand-daughter of Aramus Rehan.  She has, unlike all his other descendants who have achieve high status through fortunate deaths, retained her House's independence, but the two Houses have become closer, as House Rehan's star is on a meteoric rise.  She has tried to restore order to the House, but with half loosing themselves in drugs and rumours of debauched meetings, and some of the younger ones, including her own daughter heavily involved in the Spine-Hunt scene, she seems to be loosing.