House Balthezine (Anargo Primus)

House Balthezine has representation in all of the cities of Anargo Primus, but has its most advantageous position in its home city of Canalis, the second largest city on the planet.  Led by the one hundred-year old Khan Balthezine, they maintain their hereditary near-monopoly over the public transport. From the air-taxis to the verticrawlers, if you’re not rich enough to own your own vehicle and it’s too far to walk, you’ll travel by vehicles owned by the Balthezines. Any other attempts to get into the market have previously found it very difficult to get a toe-hold.  They, along with House Valetine, are members of the Vee Bee Cartel, together controlling most of the protohive.  However, the head of the House, during a drunken party, made numerous disparaging comments about the Cult of the Omnissiah; since then, the Adeptus Mechanicus have been subtly against him, and the number of breakdowns that the system has been experiencing has begun to chip away at their monopoly.  The recent shut-down of the entire vertrain system for a quarter of the Midlev may quite well have been a critical point for the House.