House Solon (Invictona)

Solon is amongst the oldest noble families on hiveworld Invictona in the Anargo sector, given their titles when the Emperor’s forces first came to the Anargo sector. According to family legend, the Solon family originally came from the Herluin sector, but were promised hereditary lands and titles in the Tyrael system of the Anargo sector, if they should aid in its colonisation. Solon family legend goes on to claim that their titles were personally given to them by the Emperor himself, but has no evidence to back this claim.

While the Solon family has naturally grown quite influential on Invictona over the millennia, it is not in any way a dominant power in the big picture of such a powerful hiveworld. Over the years, it has lost influence as other powerful families and guilds came to Invictona, and the local population and government became increasingly independent from House Solon. Its influence is a subtle thing now, restricted mostly to local politics. Though somewhat forgotten by the public, Solon has retained political ties with both the local government and the organisations in the Imperium, thanks to the special status of aristocracy on Invictona and indeed the rest of the Imperium.

In 470.M41, House Solon still owns vast areas of land on Invictona. It also owns several space ports and large industrial and habitation blocks in the oldest hives. House Solon has a tradition of sending the second child in each generation to the Schola Progenium, as a mark of devotion to the Emperor. Naturally, these children lose their hereditary titles and rights to the wealth of their noble family, but they keep their name and many have grown up to bring honour to the name of House Solon.