Perhaps the most venerated location onboard the Denunciator and a place of great respect throughout the chapter is the Chapter Reliquary, resting place for numerous artefacts and relics of the chapter.  Within the vaulted chamber are trophies of great victories and gifts presented to the Maledictors.  It is truely a great honour for a brother to be chosen to carry a standard into battle or to wield a potent weapon in combat.

Sacred Standards
As well as the banners of each marine company, the chapter preserves many standards and pennats that commemorate courageous victories and honoured actions.  Some have been presented to the chapter by other Imperial authorities, while others were crafted to carry in a specific campaign or battle.

Maledictors' Chapter Banner
Banner of Saint Sistina
Defensor Castellan
Standard of Dureean
Banner Repentent

These are items of greath worth to the chapter and it is a rare and significant occassion when one is brought forth to war.

Iron Halo
Stone of Truth
Scrolls of Eternity
Gauntlet of Vilification
Sword of Balbas