The Reclusium is located onboard the Denunciator and serves the chapter as a place of remembrance, solace and determination. It is here that the Chaplains minister to the spiritual needs of the Maledictors, affirming their minds to the duty the Emperor has imparted upon them and ensuring that none stray from that path. Within its walls and in the smaller shrines and chapels onboard their other ships, serf curates and cenobites assist the chaplains in preparing the Maledictors for battle or leading them in prayer. The chapel also serves as a repository for the chapter's most revered artefacts and trophies. These are prominently displayed to remind the warriors of the chapter of their duty to the Emperor and the power that the chapter has over those who oppose them.

Master of Sanctity: Master Santoso Bapak
12 Reclusiarchs
7 Brothers of Sanctity

17 Cenobite Servitors
28 Serf Curates