The Librarium represents the history of the Maledictors chapter, acting as an archive of their most celebrated victories and the honours bestowed upon them. On its many shelves are records of every marine who has been inducted into the chapter, accounts of every warzone and battle they have fought in and the recollections of many veteran warriors. The Librarians work to record all the events of the chapter, saving any information for posterity and future generations of the chapter. Within the deeper confines of the Librarium are parchments and texts that detail the foes faced and destroyed by the Maledictors, along with treaties on how to overcome each enemy. At the heart of the Librarium exists a sealed chamber, into which the most damning tomes and grimoires are placed. Sealed with adamantium doors, void shields and psychic sigils, information on the depravations of Chaos are kept from idle minds.

Master Epistolary - Also known as the Master of the Librarium, this senior figure is elected from amongst the Epistolary rank Librarians to act as the guardian of the chapter's history.

Epistolary - Highly trained and disciplined psychers, the Epistolaries are capable of operating as astropathic communicators, battle leaders or even as emergency Navigators. They are tasked with maintaining the most sacred texts and accounts within the Librarium.

Codicers - Of all the members of the Librarium, it is the Codicers that see battle the most. They are able to give advice to commaders in ther field of the enemies they face or use their powers to turn the tide of battle. Both on and off the field they serve to record the most heroic actions of the chapter's warriors.

Lexicaniums - Once they have proved that they are capable of controlling their powers, those who display talents for the arcane are termed Lexicaniums and enter service in the Librarium. On rare occassions they may accompany a senior Librarian into battle, although they are more often found honing their powers or working within the Library vaults to maintain the lore found there.

Noviciates - Those aspirants that display the signs of nacescent psychic powers are trained apart from their brothers within the Librarium. There the noviciates learn to control their developing powers and to put them to use for the good of the chapter.

Archivists - These individuals have been specially trained by the Librarians to aide in the maintenance of the texts and scrolls within the Librarium. They may also be asigned to serve Masters of the Chapter as scribes or to draft treaties or communications to other organisations. Often they will have areas of their conciousness supressed to prevent the dark secrets of the Librarium from destroying their minds.

Quill Servitors - When texts too dangerous for the serf Archivists need copying, Quill Servitors will be used. These mind-blanked automatons will copy whatever is laid before, the words or symbols they see, failing to register as meaningful within their consciousness.

Current Staff
Master of the Librarium
5 Epistolary Librarians
13 Codicer Librarians
22 Lexicanium Librarians
27 Noviciates
9 Serf Archivists
42 Quill Servitors