Historic Figures

Master Gnaeus
The first Chapter Master of the Maledictors. Led the chapter from 649.M36 until 752.M36. It was under his leadership that the chapter forged its identity and the honourifics associated with the Veteran Company were established. Before the first 150 veterans chose their appellations and abandoned their birth names, Master Gnaeus was known as Surchada Pasuk.

Master Brecnis
The third Chapter Master of the Maledictors. Led the chapter from 961.M36 until 024.M37. A somewhat headstrong leader, Brecnis was responsible for the chapter smashing the Aventine Line during the Kenan Offensive and the Denunciator's first true baptism of fire.

Master Lucius
Led the chapter from 267.M41 until 417.M41. He fell while leading an assault against the flagship of Warlord Morzkragga's fleet. Captain of the Veteran Company, Master Varinius was able to recover his body before the Ork ship disengaged from battle.

Brother Danaus
Brother Danaus was one of the first veterans of the chapter to undergo training in the Terminator Armour Suits and earn his Crux Terminatus. During the boarding of a renegade frigate, Danaus was crushed below a collapsing bulkhead. He was saved from death by the chapter's Techmarines and Apothecaries and interred within the shell of a Dreadnought. From inside his sarcophagi he has waged war with his battle brothers for nearly 5,000 years.

Master Somnus
Master Somnus was captain of the Veteran Company for over 70 years prior to his internment within a dreadnought in the early M37. Even in his advanced age, Venerable Brother Somnus is a shrewd and wise member of the chapter. He has personally led forces of Maledictors several times in battle, being able to impart his knowledge to his brothers in the heat of battle.

Master Balbas
A hero of numerous campaigns, Balbas is remember most for his leadership during fighting on Dureean.  The anointed weapon presented to Balbas by the Ministorum and broken in combat with a foul creature of Chaos is a treasured relic of the chapter.