The Headquarters of the Maledictors' chapter is comprised of the veteran marines who accompany the Chapter Master into battle, the Masters of the various specialist marines, such as the Techmarines, Apothecaries and Librarians who act as learned advisors and spiritual leaders to the chapter. A vast number of non-marine personnel also come under the direct includes many specialist and dedicated marines who work to ensure the chapter is correctly run, supplied with equipment and to heal those injured in battle. The chaplains can also be found here, ensuring that the Maledictors stay true to their beliefs and spurring them on in the heat of battle.

Chapter Master - Master Varinius
Master of Sanctity - Master Santoso Bapak
Master Librarian - Master Joshuarn Evere
Master Apothecary - Master Halebron Einth
Master of the Forge - Master Otta Bulsen

Master of the Fleet - Master Aulus
Responsible for the deployment and upkeep of the chapter fleet, Master Aulus is a renowned veteran of many campaigns. A capable warrior, it was his skills as a pilot that led him to assume this important role within the chapter. His duties include the secondment of vessels and personnel to a particular warzones, and ensuring that damaged ships are directed to facilities capable of repair. At times when large parts of the fleet are used in a single operation, it will fall to the Master to take charge of the battlegroup and assume overall command. In the most important operations, Aulus will be found on the Maledictors' flagship, the Denunciator.

Master of Recruits - Master Fabronius
A former captain of the 10th Company, Master Fabronius was seriously injured during actions against the Ork Empire. During his long convalescence a new captain was chosen to lead the younger breathren of the chapter and Fabronius was promoted to Master of Recruits. Using his wisdom and knowledge, he is tasked with overseeing the training and indoctrination of all the neophytes within the chapter. On occassion, he may even join the recruitment missions, visiting worlds that have agreed to provide aspirants for the chapter.

Master of the Marches - Master Deodatus
Occupies a role within the chapter that is mainly ceremonial, with chapter serds performing most of the mundane duties. Deodatus is required to liase with the numerous worlds that the Maledictors deal with, and involves the recruitment of new aspirants, contracts to supply foodstuffs and supplies, or the location of chapter preceptories. The Master Deodatus is also responsible for organising the information network that the chapter maintains in across various institutions of the region.

Master of the Watch - Master Cantorus
The Master of the Watch in many chapters is tasked with overseeing the defence of the fortress monastery and the chapter fief world. Within the Maledictors, Master Cantorus instead orchestrates important events onboard the Denunciator and is also responsible for collating the various reports and requests for aid that are directed toward the chapter from Imperial authorities.

Chapter Ancient - Veteran Brother Honourius Xanthus
Chapter Champion - Veteran Brother Paganus

Veteran Cadre - Veteran Sergeant Acrisius; Veterans Elvio, Tertius, Domiducus, Glaucus, Leonius and Summanus

32 Non-combatant Marine Personnel

Non-marine Personnel

Master of the Household - Lord Athanasios Feldblyum
Master's Equerry -
Magistrar Primus -

158 Chapter Stewards
12,034 Chapter Serfs