Each chapter maintains dedicated centres through which it can repair its equipment and keep its companies supplied with ammunition. The Maledictors operate two such facilities, the Denunciator Forge within their flagship and the Protean Forge a vast sprawl of factories and yards on the Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld of Proteus. The chapter forges ensure that the chapter is constantly supplied with equipment, arms and armour and allows brothers to repair damage sustained in battle. Smaller workshops are also present on the other large fleet vessels, allowing smaller missions to conduct repairs whilst on campaign.

Master of the Forge - The techmarine charged with running the Forge will rarely see battle, instead he will reside within the foundries and munition halls of the Denunciator, organising servitors to craft weapons and armour for the chapter's warriors. He may also spend time on the Forgeworld of Proteus, liasing with his brothers in the Adeptus Mechanicus and producing some of the greatest vehicles and weapons known to the Imperium.

Techmarine-Suprema - These grand artificers are tasked with creating precision weapons and components for the Maledictors' warriors. Their skills can produce items from the humble bolter, to suits of power armour and Predator battle-tanks. In rare circumstances they may lead servitors into battle, assisting the chapter by ensuring their weapons and vehicles are continually battle-worthy.

Techmarines - Every marine must ensure that their battle equipment is maintained to high standards, cleaning and anointing them before and after each battle. However, they do not possess the skill to make major repairs or alter items without angering the Machine Spirits within. These duties fall to the Techmarines, warriors who have been initiated into the secrets of the Cult Mechanicus, and slave away to ensure the chapter is fit to enter battle.

Mechanical Servitors - Many of the failed aspirants the Maledictors recruit are destined to be mind-blanked and lobotomised by the chapter's Techmarines. They are then put to work within the Forge, hammering steel plates, polishing bolter casings and operating machine tools.

The Denunciator Forge
Master of the Forge, Master Otta Bulsen
5 Techmarine Suprema
28 Techmarines
294 Mechanical Servitors

The Protean Forge
1 Techmarine Suprema
8 Techmarines
1,038 Mechanical Servitors