The Armoury contains the chapter's vehicles, ancillary equipment, personal armour and weapons. It is generally dispersed across the Fleet and at least parts of it will always be in use. Especially old or revered items may be permenently placed within the Amoury, taking up places of great honour until such a time as they are deemed necessary to use.

14 'Phobos' Pattern Land Raiders
1 'Crusader' Pattern Land Raider
3 'Prometheus' Pattern Land Raider
27 'Destructor' Predator Battle Tanks
11 'Annhilator' Predator Battle Tanks

3 Command Rhinos
10 Rhino Personnel Carriers
19 'Razorback' Personnel Carriers
15 'Whirlwind' Support Vehicles
8 'Hyperios' Support Vehicles
22 'Vindicator' Support Vehicles
2 Air Defence Platforms
8 'Hyperios' Defence Platforms
19 'Tarantula' Sentry Platforms
3 'Rapier' Laser Defence Platforms
20 Modular Defence Stations