1st Company - Veterans

The 1st Company of the Maledictors is known as the Veteran Company and is the proud imbodiment of what the chapter stands for and the task that has been assigned to them by the Emperor. It includes all the veteran battle brothers, the captains of the companies and many veteran sergeants. A large number of the greatest heros in the chapter's history also continue to fight on interred within the protective sarcophagi of their Dreadnoughts.

A distinct feature of the Veterans is their black painted armour, a practice that dates back to the origins of the chapter.

Captain: Master Palinarus
Standard Bearer: Veteran Marcus
Masters' Squad: Veteran Sergeant Erus, Veterans Cicero and Troilus

Dreadnoughts: Brother Benerva, Brother Crescentius, Venerable Brother Danaus, Brother Favonius, Brother Merridius, Brother Remus, Venerable Brother Somnus and Brother Vertumnus

Squad Iphitus: Veteran Sergeant Iphitus; Veterans Cnaeus, Maximus, Notus and Sergius

Squad Quinius: Veteran Sergeant Quinius; Veterans Antonius, Nelekus, Rhesus, Seneca, Sextus and Sisyphus

Squad Evandus: Veteran Sergeant Evandus; Veterans Alairius, Boreas, Liberius and Titus

Squad Caius: Veteran Sergeant Caius; Veterans Dionysius, Faunus, Hilarius and Sebastainus

Squad Dorjan: Veteran Sergeant Dorjan; Veterans Aries, Cassius, Justus, Nobilus and Thracius

Squad Turnus: Veteran Sergeant Turnus; Veterans Aurealius, Constantius, Longinus and Zephyrus

Squad Acatus: Veteran Sergeant Acatus; Veterans Auster, Brutus, Laurentius and Venedictos

Squad Hadrianus: Veteran Sergeant Hadrianus; Veterans Caligula, Faustus, Festus, Herruinius, Ignatius, Julius, Orcus, Servius and Tacitus

Squad Aeneas: Veteran Sergeant Aeneas; Veterans Aggripa, Cadeucus, Decimus, Flavius, Marcellus, Neros, Publius and Victorius

Squad Vespasianus: Veteran Sergeant Vespasianus; Veterans Acestus, Gaius, Horatius, Idaeus, Janus, Lucius, Parnassus, Romulus and Urbanus

Squad Metabus: Veteran Sergeant Metabus; Veterans Balbas, Catullus, Felixus, Laomedon and Valerius

48 Tactical Dreadnought Armour Suits
12 Rhino Personnel Carriers