The Maledictors' use a dark-grey colour for their chapter livery. All the marines and their vehicles apart from the Veteran Company display this particular livery, unless operation criteria in the Codex would advise otherwise. During their service, many marines embellish their armour, carving delicate texts onto the surfaces, these engravings are often then inlaid with silver. The armour of the most experienced warriors may even appear to have a metallic quality, due to the extensive engraving work that has covered the armour.

The Veteran Company, Chapter Master's Cadre, Veteran Sergeants and Company Captains wear alternative colours, signifiying their service in the Maledictors' 1st Company.  Wearing jet-black power armour, adorned with silvered engravings and skull motifs, these warriors remind the chapter of their dedication and servitude to the Emperor in much the same way as the armour of their Chaplains.