Combat Doctrine

The Maledictors, as a Codex chapter of the Adeptus Astartes follow the guidelines established by Roboutte Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, in aftermath of the Horus Heresy. The Codex Astartes contains many thesis and guides on the deployment and use of the space marines upon the field of battle and it is from these teachings that the commaders of the chapter lead their troops. As such, the Maledictors favour no single modus operandi, instead they allow the foe they face and the possible situations that may arise upon the field of battle to dictate how a force is assembled and how it will fight. Of course there are situations where the Codex acknowledges the limitations of certain formations and impresses upon the commader to utilise their initiative and inspiration. Therefore each battleforce is unique and tailor-made for the theatre in which it will be fighting.

Death from Above: - A common practice in many chapters and one often used by the Maledictors is the massed orbital assault, where troops are deployed directly into the thick of fighting via drop-pods. The most renowned use of this tactic by the Maledictors is the Sorranthan Landings in M40. With a large fleet capable of launching vast numbers of drop-pods, the Maledictors have often used this tactic to great effect. Often the ships will swiftly enter orbit and begin the assault before ground forces have time to prepare. Deathwind pods land amongst the foe, bringing carnage and confusion, before the bulk of the force arrives enmasse. Dreadnoughts, Tactical squads and Veterans will land and try to overwhelm the enemy, allowing time for the orbiting fleet to launch Thunderhawk Gunships and Landing Craft that contain the heavy vehicles and reserve troops necessary to establish a beachhead.

Rapid Assault: - On occassion the Maledictors utilise their fast moving vehicles and assault troops to quickly launch raids on enemy positions and supply collumns. Once the foe has been sighted, Thunderhawk-borne Assault marines and squadrons of Speeders will rapidly close with the enemy, often from several directions at once. These attacks are quick and brutal, giving the enemy no time to react or call for support. By the time reinforcements have arrived the marines will have boarded the gunships and left the vicinity.

Armoured Hammer: - If the opportunity arises, the Maledictors have been known to launch sudden and daring attacks against enemy strongpoints, targetting important tactical locations or senior commanders with seemingly little consideration for the forces arrayed against them. Actions like these are not commonplace and call for a commitment of heavy vehicles to be available, something only possible in large-scale conflicts. Led by a hardened core of Land Raider-mounted shock troops, a wedge of Predators, Razorbacks and Vindicators will slam into the enemy lines, unleashing great volleys of firepower as they go. Although the risk are high, the impact of such a large armoured formation is often impossible to stop and will force the enemy to flee before their guns.

Unbreakable Wall: - Even though the Adeptus Astartes are primarily a heavy shock force, there are times when a chapter faces an enemy attack and must mount a stubborn defence of Imperial positions. During such situations, the disciplined ranks of marines will take a formation that presents a strong and solid defensive barrier to the enemy. With heavy weapon troopers positioned with open fields of fire, the rest of the marines will man obstacles and defences, acting as as strong firebase. If enemy troops approach too close to the defences, assault marines can sally forth, breaking their attack and forcing them to retreat.