It is not only their physically superior bodies, arms and armour that separate the Maledictors from the rest of humanity.  Perhaps one of their most powerful weapons of any chapter is their system of beliefs and philosophies.  Through psycho-indoctrination, study and chapter custom, a marine is crafted into a warrior that will not flee a fight and is prepared to fight any enemy with all their determination.

The Emperor

As with the other chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, the Maledictors do not conform to the Imperial Creed and the deification of the Emperor.  The Maledictors regard the Emperor as the true Lord of Mankind, Master of the Galaxy and embodiment of the human ideal.  Possessing the greatest levels of intelligence and determination, it was the Emperor's plan to claim dominion over the Galaxy and forge a vast empire for humanity.  For this task He created the Primarchs to marshall the armies of mankind and lead them into the flames of war.  and in turn the Legions of Space Marines to conquer those worlds who stood in the path of to forge his Imperium in the fires of war, and from his sons he created the Space Marines.

Instead they regard the Lord of Mankind as an enlightened and powerful human, the greatest ever to have existed. He is the embodiment of humanity, possessing the highest levels of intelligence, will and strength. None exist that can challenge is power and claim over the Dominion of Man and to stand before him is utter folly.  In his ultimate wisdom, the Emperor sired the Primarchs and in turn created from them the implants that allow a human to become a Space Marine. With these warriors he set in motion his plan to conquer the Galaxy.