Significant factions

  • Black throne cult: A chaos cult aspiring to elevate the Emperor to becoming the greatest Chaos god in existence, ushering Mankind into the next step of evolution and ensuring survival against both xenos and chaos-aligned enemies. The Black throne cult originally formed in the underground of shrineworld Brasswind, then spread to certain radical members of the Inquisition and back to the underground and other strata of Imperial society.
  • House Bazindar: Predating the Imperium itself, House Bazindar is an ancient aristocracy with tremendous power in the Xystus sector. The Adeptus Administratum watches House Bazindar with a certain degree of suspicion, entirely appropriately as House Bazindar considers itself in many ways superior to the branches of the Imperium, deserving similar privileges as the Navis Nobilite or even the Adeptus Mechanicus.