Xystus Sector

Imperial worlds: 106
Sector capital: Vederon
Subsectors: Vederon, Solineus, Kodan, Audax, Seorsum
Imperial supremacy grade: High

The Xystus sector has many similarities to the Anargo sector, both in terms of its present structure and its history. Compared to the Anargo sector, Xystus has a somewhat higher number of agriworlds and lower number of civilised worlds, and naturally has a significantly higher export and tithe grade for agricultural goods. The Xystus sector is known for the large, multi-coloured nebula snaking through its centre, known as the Kodan Nebula. The Xystus sector often has periods of light disturbances and ripples in the warp, having very little impact on short range warp travel, but potentially disrupting astropathic communiqués to and from the Xystus sector. It is speculated that these disturbances are somehow related to the Kodan Nebula, but the Imperium has not been able to understand what triggers the phenomenon.