Valkenburg Sector

Imperial worlds: 95
Sector capital: Axeidon
Subsectors: Axeidon, Valkenburg, Rheinfalen, Jeridus, Hundale, Trimilov
Imperial supremacy grade: High

With a relatively high number of hiveworlds and other densely populated colonies, the old Valkenburg sector has been an important source of settlers and colonisation forces in the Anargo sector. With billions of emigrants over the millennia, the Valkenburg sector has made an impact on the culture of the Anargo sector, especially in terms of art and religion. The Adeptus Ministorum maintains a very strong grip on the Valkenburg sector, even after the gruesome events in the Age of Apostasy, which saw the deaths of billions at the hands of General-Pontifex Neer Sawarkar. The Valkenburg has successfully restored itself to past glories after the Age of Apostasy and has remained relatively unscathed by the occasional turbulence in the Esquiline Quadrant. Like the Anargo sector, the Valkenburg sector has been instrumental in launching large military campaigns to conflicted regions such as Cruciatine.