Regnia Sector

Imperial worlds: 107
Sector capital: Tovar Prime
Subsectors: Tovar, Chiver, Weschburg, Braccae, Canorus, Pruina, Malitiuv
Imperial supremacy grade: High

The Regnia sector is one of several sectors located in the vicinity of the Cruciatine sector, currently heavily engaged in attacks against the ork forces. Regnia has sacrificed enormous resources and billions of lives over the past four millennia, yet the regenerative abilities of the ork hordes have lessened the impact of Regnia’s attacks. The Regnia sector is currently applying great political pressure together with the Oldcorne sector towards the Anargo sector, trying to gather more support for a final liberation of the Cruciatine sector. As a result of political sanctions, trade between Regnia and Anargo has suffered over the past centuries.