Significant factions

  • Holy Exodus of Diogena: A religious offshoot of the Imperial Cult dominating many worlds in the Madron sector. According to the teachings of the Holy Exodus, the Imperium must expand and colonise with great speed in order to gather more resources with which to combat the enemies of Mankind. The Holy Exodus of Diogena is a driving force in the continued colonisation of the Madron sector, whose devotees live simple lives in poverty, contributing great wealth to their church in order to fund the colonisation effort.
  • Ypphil Guild: By far the wealthiest merchant guild of the Madron sector, the Ypphil Guild has expanded its ventures to other regions in the Esquiline Quadrant, including the Anargo sector. It is a highly unusual guild in that it is almost exclusively composed of voidkin abhumans (Homo Astrum). It is tolerated mostly as a matter of tradition, as the Ypphil Guild predates the Imperium itself, and because of its great wealth.