Madron Sector

Imperial worlds: 88
Sector capital: Madron Secundus
Subsectors: Madron, Whiteport, Saepes, Vinaca,
Imperial supremacy grade: Medium

The Madron sector was almost completely uninhabited by the Imperium until the Age of Imperium, after which four subsectors have grown around the handful of ancient worlds colonised during the Age of Technology. The Imperial forces in the Madron sector have been able to resist most ork attacks from the Cruciatine sector, but do not have enough resources to patrol the most desolate regions in the Madron sector that are furthest from Imperial worlds. Several alien races, including the orks, have taken advantage of this and are now thriving in relative isolation. The Imperial worlds in the Madron sector enjoy a certain level of peace, participating in trade with other sectors and continuing to colonise new systems further rimward and trailing.