Significant factions

  • Five Hosts: The massive Chaos forces in the Lazarus sector are collectively known as the Five Hosts. This faction is commanded by five leaders, the highest of whom is the daemon prince Maugon’undul. The Five Hosts are largely contained in the Ytha subsector, though splinter fleets may slip past the Imperial battlegroups.
  • Adeptus Astartes Revenants Chapter: One of three Astartes Chapters based in the Esquiline Quadrant in M41. The Revenants have suffered great casualties in the recent Chaos uprising. Unknown to the Adeptus Terra, a portion of the Chapter itself have been corrupted by Chaos.
  • Legio Fatifer: Previously Legio Fulmen, this Titan Legion from forgeworld Ytha has now been corrupted by Chaos and is considered a traitor Legion.