Lazarus Sector

Imperial worlds: 116
Sector capital: Reinwell
Subsectors: Lazarus,
Imperial supremacy grade: Medium

Much like the Anargo sector, the Lazarus sector contains a high number of Imperial worlds colonised during the Age of Technology. The Lazarus sector is caught in a complex web of political power struggles, religious conflicts and economical rivalry, in which the nobles, the merchant guilds and the Navigator houses are as powerful as the Adeptus Terra in many regards. The constant internal animosity and corruption in the Lazarus sector provided the enemies of the Imperium with ideal conditions for growth, which eventually resulted in the loss of the small and isolated Ytha subsector to Chaos renegades. The Lazarus sector is now engaged in full war against the forces of Chaos, which are greatly outnumbered. The Departmento Tacticus has estimated that control of the Ytha subsector will be re-established in less than five years, if the Imperial counter-attack goes as planned.