Jader Sector

Imperial worlds: 68
Sector capital: Jadus Alpha
Subsectors: Jader, Larissev, Lachon, Ermouter, Kinsreach
Imperial supremacy grade: Low

The least populated sector in the Esquiline Quadrant, the Jader sector was practically untouched by humans when Imperial forces arrived during the Great Crusade. The sector has a high proportion of old red dwarf stars, and thus very few Terra-like worlds with ideal temperatures, rotational periods and radiation levels. Most Imperial colonies in the Jader sector have a low population, not being able to export much food at all and relying heavily on recycling. The Jader sector imports most food of any sector in the Esquiline Quadrant, relative to its total population. With a few notable exceptions, most worlds in the sector are somewhat monolithic in appearance; very weak sunlight, low temperatures and human inhabitants spending most of their time indoors.