Erdeko Sector

Imperial worlds: 78
Sector capital: Viand’s Landing
Subsectors: Viandi, Ortus, Alveze, Leben, Tripedan
Imperial supremacy grade: High

The Erdeko sector was the staging point of the Pallasian Crusade, named after fortress world Pallas in the Viandi subsector. The Pallasian Crusade was launched in late M39 and was brought to an end in early M40 in the distant Orpheus sector. The crusade saw the ruin of the Tripedan subsector at the hands of the brutal Warmaster Johan Timaios de Calderon, and for the past two millennia the Erdeko sector has been in a state of repair and recovery. Trade between the Anargo and Erdeko sectors has benefited greatly from this expansion and has given the noble houses and merchant guilds of Anargo a significant foothold in the Erdeko sector.