Significant factions

  • The Erheimar Conclave: A powerful gathering of Inquisitors from the Ordos Cruciatine and other sectors who belong mostly to the Istvaanian philosophy. The Erheimar Conclave sees the Cruciatine sector as a great resource, providing the Imperium with a useful enemy against which to test itself, so not to grow lax and decadent. The Erheimar Conclave has secretly thwarted many attempts to save the Cruciatine sector once and for all.
  • The Kaemyr: An alien race engaged in war with the orks in the Cruciatine sector. While there have very rarely been armed conflicts between the Kaemyr and local Imperial forces, actual cooperative actions have been secretly sabotaged by the Erheimar conclave, creating great distrust and animosity between humans and the Kaemyr.