Cruciatine Sector

Imperial worlds: 34
Sector capital: Conatus Gamma
Subsectors: Gavia, Conatus, Eldenfall, Tectum (lost), Erheimar (lost)
Imperial supremacy grade: Low

The Cruciatine sector was put to ruin after Waaagh! Tuskragga in M36. Only the military might of reinforcements from Validus and the timely insurrection within Tuskragga's own ranks saved the sector from complete destruction. Most of the region is still in ruins, with several feuding worlds and the constant menace of random ork attacks. Among the crippled Imperial Subsectors are numerous fragmentary ork enclaves that continue to fight for supremacy. The war to retake the Cruciatine sector is a collaborative effort by over twenty different sectors in the Esquiline Quadrant and beyond, including the forces of the Anargo sector. While two of the sector’s five subsectors are completely annihilated by ork attacks, the capital subsector Conatus is still relatively unharmed and the only subsector that still enjoys occasional trade with other sectors. Most trade convoys passing through the Cruciatine sector are heavily armed and armoured, supported by military escorts.