Arcadius Sector

Imperial worlds: 115
Sector capital: Arcadius Prime
Subsectors: Arcadius, Venustas, Mirus, Brealand, Helmut, Redmire
Imperial supremacy grade: High

The Arcadius sector has been shielded from most major wars in the Esquiline Quadrant by other sectors such as Anargo. While supplying substantial military resources to the Adeptus Terra, both in the form of armed forces and tithed equipment and machines, the Arcadius sector itself has not suffered any sector-wide conflicts since the Great Scouring. To many, the legendary Venustas subsector is proof of the Arcadius sector’s decadence, containing a number of garden worlds, pleasure colonies and peaceful civilised worlds with minimal military defences. Recently, the Arcadius sector has been forcibly woken from its tranquil slumber after a number of assassinations in its Imperial court and noble houses have led to great political and economical instability.