Arius: As the sector's political, economic and military centre, the Arius subsector functions as a hub for the other subsectors. Raw materials, industrial products, foodstuffs and millions of people are imported into Arius from the surrounding subsectors. Due to it's central position the Arius subsector has been used as a main port location for economic trade with the Anargo Sector which is connected with the Flavonian Course and with other Sectors along the Menecles Vein

Mun: Mun can be seen as the breadbasket of the Validus sector, agriworlds from the Mun subsector produce vast amounts of agricultural products which are exported throughout the Esquiline Quadrant.

Intip: Similarly to Mun Intip is produces large quantities of foodstuffs for the Validus sector.  In addition Intip supplies vast amounts of human resources for the Imperial Guard and Navy.

Cerbant: The Cerbant subsector exports raw materials and mass produced goods to the Arius subsector where they are either processed for local consumption or prepared to be exported to the Anargo Sector.

Ketheria: A mixed subsector with many civilized worlds as well as agriworlds and mining worlds,   Ketheria produces large amounts of raw materials.  In addition Ketheria supplies thousands of Imperial Guard regiments which are shipped to the Arius subsector from where they are deployed throughout various battlefields in the Esquiline Quadrant.

Bolev: The sector's main producer of military hardware the Bolev subsector exports vast amounts of weapons, vehicles and other goods to the Arius subsector where they are distributed amongst the many Imperial forces present there. In the recent years various worlds in the Bolev subsector have been under attack by xenos raiders, primarily Eldar Corsairs and Orks.