Validus Sector

Imperial worlds: 127
Sector capital: Validus IV
Subsectors: Arius, Mun, Intip, Cerbant, Ketheria, Bolev
Imperial supremacy grade: High

The location of a substantial human Empire that was easily brought into the Imperium during the Great Crusade, the Validus sector contains the highest number of pre-Imperial colonies in the Esquiline Quadrant.  Through a stable warp current known as the Menecles Vein, many ships from the northern regions of the Ultima Segmentum arrived in the Validus sector during the Age of Technology. The compliance of the Validus sector by Primarch Alpharius during the Great Crusade was one of the biggest victories in the Esquiline Quadrant, and for millennia to come the Validus sector was the political heart and economic powerhouse of the Quadrant.  It was the vast coordinated military might of the Sector that ensured the eventual breakup of Waaagh! Tuskragga in M36. Since that time the sector has supplied numerous regiments to patrolling and suppressing further Ork activities in Cruciatine. It also played a role in supporting the Thorian idealists in Anargo after the fall of its own pro-Vandire leadership in the Age of Apostasy.

As time has passed the Menecles Vein has slowly waned in strength, resulting in less traffic to the Validus sector and since the Age of Apostasy, the Validus sector has stagnated.  Its ancient Merchant Guilds and noble houses have grown increasingly powerful, while the smaller fish seek fortune in other sectors.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitors believe that the Eldar loyal to the Craftworld Luggannath may be travelling through the unexplored Cairnech Cluster.