Udalrich Sector

Imperial worlds: 119
Sector capital:
Subsectors: Udalrich, Angelus, Varnadan, Munidov, Immanis
Imperial supremacy grade: High

A sector periodically plagued by warp storms, the Udalrich sector is a testament to Mankind’s ability to grow stronger from adversity. The warp storms in the Udalrich sector are highly unpredictable, but one of the most important factors is the vortex created by the opposite currents of the Flavonian Course in the Kenan sector and the Sarmata Gust on the far side of the Udalrich sector. In spite of the frequent warp storms, the Imperial colonies in the Udalrich sector have thrived even in periods of great isolation. More than in any other sector of the Esquiline Quadrant, the Imperial worlds in the Udalrich sector have developed a state of self-sufficiency, hardly relying on imported goods at all. As a necessary consequence, there are very few specialised worlds such as hiveworlds and agriworlds in the Udalrich sector.