Aventine: The Aventine subsector in itself produced very little compared to the other subsectors of the Revocatus sector, it's importance lay in the fact that there are several large spaceports located on some of the worlds which are used as economic hubs from which goods are imported and exported from and to the Anargo Sector. While a prosperous subsector, not many of it's population receive anything from it's wealth meaning that the majority of the population there live in heavy poverty. This miserable situation in which many people lived proved to be fertile grounds for the Alpha Legion to plant their seeds of rebellion.

Samvara: Samvara is a heavily industrialised subsector and is the sector's main producer of military hardware, be it in the form of light weapons by infantry to the powerful battletanks such as the Leman Russ which dominate battlefields throughout the area.

Fallon: Like Samvara the Fallon subsector is an industrial hub, the only difference is that Fallon is mainly focussed on the production of spaceships and other equipment and parts used for those. The hiveworld Fallon Prime is the home of Battlefleet Revocatus.

Revocatus: The sector's political and religious capital lies in the Revocatus subsector. The capital world of Revocatus Prime is a divided world. While the rulers of this world and the sector are appointed by the High Lords of Terra, the Ecclessiarchy has been trying to increase their influence over the sector for millennia. 

Duquesne: Similar to the Archaios subsector in the Anargo sector the Dunquesne subsector has a very strong Adeptus Mechanicus influence. From the forgeworld Atres III the worshippers of the Machine God have practically full control of this subsector. This has given the Adeptus Mechanicus a powerful position within the sector because they are the main producers of foodstuff for the Revocatus sector. The knight worlds controlled by rulers of Atres III produce vast quantities of agricultural products which are not only exported to the rest of the sector, but also to the Anargo sector.