Significant locations

  • Halocene Asteroid Field: This field, located in the Samvara sub-sector, is thought to host as many seventeen pirate fiefdoms. Some of these pirates have joined the traitors in the Revocatus subsector. However, most have remained neutral and attack both sides of the conflict and are known to use the civil war for their own profit.
  • Fallon Prime: This naval base represents the strongest concentration of Imperial power within the sector. Battlefleet Revocatus docks here, but is remarkably under-strength. If there is any hope for Revocatus, it resides here.
  • Revocatus Prime: The sector's capital, the spiritual and political heart of the Revocatus sector. However, due to a struggle of power between the local rulers and the Ecclessiarchy it has been unable to effectively wage a counter offensive against the rebels in the Aventine subsector.
  • Aventine subsector: A subsector functioning as the Revocatus sector's main economic hub it finally rebelled in M40 causing the Revocatus sector to be trapped in a bloody civil war.