Relations with Anargo

Large amounts of mass produced goods were imported into the Anargo sector from Revocatus. These goods were then exported from the Anargo sector to other sectors using the Flavonian Course. Mainly the Meksum subsector in the Anargo sector and the Aventine subsector in the Revocatus sector profited from this trade. It is partly due to this trade between the sectors that Meksum has been able to become so powerful over the millennia.

Because of the Aventine Heresy the Revocatus sector has been completely isolated from the Anargo sector, making trade impossible due to the naval blockade created by the traitor forces. Occasionally Imperial forces in the form of the Maledictors or Battlefleet Anargo attempt to break through the blockade with no real success due to the fact that their forces are needed in the Sargassos and Castellan subsectors.