Great Crusade: Under the leadership of Alpharius the Alpha Legion and forces of the Imperial Army moved across the Flavonian Course to liberate planets in the name of the Emperor. However, they did not simply move straight along the Flavonian Course but also spread around to the surrounding sectors. Before the arrival of the Emperor armies the Revocatus sector was terrorised mainly by Orks and human worlds which have fallen into madness during the Age of Strife.

Horus Heresy: Like in the rest of the Imperium the Revocatus sector turned to civil war in which millions upon millions lost their lives. Forces loyal to the Alpha Legion carried out genocidal campaigns in an attempt to exterminate everybody who stood in their way.

Age of the Imperium: With the arrival of the Ultramarines the Revocatus sector was liberated from the bloodthirsty forces loyal to the traitor Primarch Alpharius. Supported by the Adeptus Mechanicus the Revocatus sector quickly turned into a major industrial hub capable of exporting goods to the Anargo sector which where they were then exported to other sectors through the Flavonian Course.

Aventine Heresy: During the last millennia the Aventine subsector became very wealthy due to it's relative closeness to the Anargo sector. While the subsector's elites profited from this position, the majority of the population did not. Slavery, starvation, misery and sickness were the norm for most people living in the Aventine subsector. The Imperium did not care for the Aventine subsector was productive. For a long time the Aventine subsector remained stable through the oppressive rule of the local rulers, this however changed in M40.281 when the population of various worlds simultaneously rebelled and killed their ruling classes. It quickly became evident that the Alpha Legion have offered their support for this rebellion which became known as the Aventine Heresy. Before the Imperium could respond the rebels manage to isolate the Revocatus sector from the Anargo sector and thereby practically destroying it's economy. Slowly having conquered some worlds in the Fallon, Samvara and Duquesne subsectors the rebels had the productive capabilities to wage a war against the Imperium. While successful in their first stages of rebellion the traitors have not been able to win the war. The current situation is that the Revocatus subsector is in a closely tied civil war with no clear victor on either side.