Revocatus Sector

Imperial worlds: 98
Sector capital: Revocatus Prime
Subsectors: Revocatus, Aventine, Samvara, Fallon, Duquesne
Imperial supremacy grade: Medium

Like the Anargo Sector the Revocatus Sector was conquered by Imperial forces lead by the youngest Primarch Alpharius. After the Horus Heresy the Ultramarines and Adeptus Mechanicus were crucial for the rebuilding of the sector. Because the Revocatus sector is not connected with Flavonian Course it has become very dependent on those sectors which are connected to it for trade. Before the Aventine Heresy in M40 the factory worlds of Revocatus exported large numbers of industrial goods, both civilian and military to the Anargo Sector. After the Age of Apostasy it was partly the Revocatus sector that has been responsible for the economic growth of the Meksum subsector.

The Mechanicus Priests of the Revocatus Sector have been keen to gather support from neighbouring forgeworlds to lead an expedition into the Lazarus Sector to secure the factory world of Ytha. However, to date their efforts to gather an Explorator Fleet and troops have been unsuccessful. This is mainly due to the betrayal of the Aventine subsector, where a total of eighteen colonies were corrupted by the Alpha Legion and remain in the control of Chaos forces.