Oldcorne Sector

Imperial worlds: 84
Sector capital: Doveron Tertius
Subsectors: Doveron, Basildon, Chelm, Sillon, Vranum, Ballinus.
Imperial supremacy grade: Medium

The Oldcorne sector is currently in a process of rejuvenation as it is rebuilt after the ork attacks that spread in the Esquiline Quadrant through the Cruciatine sector. It is going through a period of economical and political optimism and while the Imperial armies and fleets are not yet in a position of absolute dominance in the sector, it is only a matter of time before the last ork empire fragments are annihilated. The rapid rebuilding effort in the Oldcorne sector has led to a unique situation however. Merchant Guilds and trade syndicates are becoming very influential through partly funding the restoration of Imperial colonies and thus gaining a unique position as far as shaping the Oldcorne sector. Across many subsectors, the power of the Imperial nobles is dwindling while the Merchant Guilds are rising. The Adeptus Administratum has expressed great concern about this development, but if the Imperium hopes to rapidly rebuild the Oldcorne sector, it must either suffer the influence of the Merchant Guilds or consider the politically dangerous option of simply confiscating the resources of commercial organisations without offering political power in return.