Herluin Sector

Imperial worlds: 102
Sector capital: Malandra
Subsectors: Prakesh, Oxamius, Maliopos, Candiatum, Shinai, Phemineus
Imperial supremacy grade: High

Lying directly coreward of Anargo, the Herluin sector is an important source of trade and traffic to the Anargo sector. Every year, thousands of ships pass through the sector via the Flavonian course, sailing between the Segmentum Solar and Ultramar. Like the Anargo sector, the Herluin sector is closely watched by the Imperium, as the strategic value owed to the Flavonian course is tremendous. The most significant events in the Esquiline Quadrant, such as the Great Crusade, the Horus Heresy and the Liberation of Saint Thor, have begun in the Herluin sector and spread through the Anargo sector to the rest of the Esquiline Quadrant. At present, the Herluin sector is politically and economically stable, with no significant internal or external threats. Like the Anargo sector, the Herluin sector is arguably quite representative of the Imperium as a whole, in many ways.