Constabilis Sector

Imperial worlds: 97
Sector capital: Corona Prime
Subsectors: Constabilis, Velum, Lynceus, Genloch
Imperial supremacy grade: High

With close to a hundred worlds divided between only four subsectors, the Constabilis sector is made up from dense clusters of Imperial colonies, surrounded by large tracts of wildspace with little or no Imperial presence. Never the less, the Imperium maintains a tight grasp on the Constabilis sector. No major incursions or rebellions have taken place in the sector for millennia and due to the close proximity to the Flavonian course flowing through the nearby Herluin sector, the Constabilis sector enjoys great amounts of intersector trade. Having climbed to a golden age of prosperity, the Constabilis sector is preparing the colonisation of the Convall Cluster, what might grow to become the fifth subsector of Constabilis.