Winoc Sector

Imperial worlds: 107
Sector capital: Topazos
Subsectors: Madidus, Ermudahl, Meridies, Grandarch, Viraat, Oriundus, Pera, Ermud
Imperial supremacy grade: High

The Winoc sector is quite literally the quiet corner of the Esquiline Quadrant, largely untouched by the great events that have shaped the neighbouring sectors, historically speaking. It is composed of eight relatively small subsectors spread evenly throughout its space, and while it has over a hundred colonies, most of these have a low population. Ruins and various archaeological finds suggest that the Winoc sector was once the seat of a vast ork empire, a hundred thousand years in the past. While orks are notoriously difficult to exterminate completely, there are remarkably few worlds in the Winoc sector with known ork populations.