Isidore Sector

Imperial worlds: 98
Sector capital: Isilda Secundus
Subsectors: Isildore, Casparon, Geigen, Hexermov, Calcarus, Vernum
Imperial supremacy grade: High

Isidore has been a relatively stable sector for almost a millennium, steadily expanding and growing into a full Imperial sector. In 464.M41, an epidemic struck the Casparon subsector, killing billions in a single year. The subsector was immediately quarantined by the Officio Medicae, followed shortly by an Inquisitorial blockade enforced by the Imperial Navy. Suspecting the epidemic to be a Chaos weapon, the Inquisition stands ready to repel and purge a full Chaos invasion. Some Inquisitors, however, refuse to believe that the epidemic is in anyway related to Chaos and that billions may die needlessly from this grave mistake.