Ghislain Sector

Imperial worlds: 95
Sector capital: Acel IV
Subsectors: Acel, Uubaz, Laurentis, Khinsha, Joashum, Savitri, Qumino
Imperial supremacy grade: High

Imperial forces were unable to annex most worlds of the Ghislain sector during the Great Crusade. Eager to claim a string of quick victories for the Imperium, Alpharius sped onwards past the Ghislain sector rather than being mired down by the elusive Khinsha empire. The Ghislain sector was not fully annexed until early M35 and is thus considerably younger than all other sectors in the Esquiline Quadrant, in terms of Imperial history. As a result, the Ghislain sector contains much of its ancient heritage and culture, and many Imperial citizens still view its inhabitants as less civilised.