Damien Sector

Imperial worlds: 86
Sector capital: Maximillius Prime
Subsectors: Damien, Beatus, Nightisle, Hirpini, Contundo, Mercedula
Imperial supremacy grade: Medium

Located directly below the Anargo sector, the Damien sector suffers greatly from the effects of the warp anomaly known as the Heart of Anargo. The warp anomaly projects a dead zone of inactivity in the warp, prohibiting warp travel and disrupting astropathic communication. The Anargan Abyss is influenced by this projection and extends into the Damien sector as the equivalent of a black hole in the warp. Ships passing through the Anargan Abyss are seldom heard from again. As the warp currents in the Damien sector collide and pass the Anargan Abyss, the effect is often unpredictable and so the interstellar traffic in the Damien sector suffers greatly. While the Damien sector has not flourished to the same extent as many other sectors in the Esquiline Quadrant, its strange warp currents have allowed many of its vulnerable colonies to remain hidden from xenos pirates and invaders. The capital subsector, Damien, is normally remarkably difficult to find unless a ship’s Navigator has precise charts. On the flip side, the Damien sector also contains numerous hidden threats and mysteries, undiscovered because Imperial patrols simply cannot find a safe route in the warp.