Alterak Sector

Imperial worlds: 75
Sector capital: Kaltore
Subsectors: Kaltore, Tra’ant, Altum, Lepra
Imperial supremacy grade: High

Much like the Anargo sector, the Alterak sector is in many ways dominated by a single astronomical phenomenon. In the Alterak sector, a pulsating nebula of gas and dust surrounds the Coticula Chasm, one of the most active warp rifts in the Esquiline Quadrant. It is feared that the Coticula Chasm may have an insidious effect on its closest Imperial systems, as the Tra’ant and Kaltore subsectors have noted a growing number of psyker mutations, waxing and waning in synchronisation with the Coticula Chasms activity. The high presence of psyker witches in the Alterak sector have led to a number of pogroms and witch hunting campaigns, and even Imperial psykers from Alterak are viewed with some suspicion. Despite this blemish on the sector’s reputation, the Alterak sector remains a valued region in the Esquiline Quadrant, particularly noted for its exotic and productive agri-worlds.