The Esquiline Quadrant

For administrative convenience in the Imperium Sectors are grouped into Quadrants.  Unlike the Sector, the Quadrant has relatively little influence on local political affairs and other than for high level administrative purposes the Quadrant is a little used division.  Nonetheless although the Quadrant division itself is little used it serves a useful purpose for analysing trade, politics and xenos threats at a level above that of individual Sectors.  In addition of course the Sectors with which any given Sector trades will be those directly around it.

The Anargo Sector lies at the centre of the Esquiline Quadrant in Ultima Segmentum, as shown in the map below. In a relatively populous part of the galaxy the Esquiline Quadrant consists of 27 Sectors, divided up into three 'tiers' parallel to the galactic plane with the central tier containing the Anargo Sector closest to the galactic plane.