About Us

The Anargo Sector Project is a collaborative exploration of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000® setting.  The project has been ongoing for several years in numerous incarnations, a fact that has left a trail of "archive forums."  This is the third and final iteration of the project, and the one that most dramatically diverges from its predecessors.

Project Goals

The goals of the Anargo Sector Project are built upon the premise of building a sector of the Imperium and, from there, exploring all aspects of it, from world building through to looking at how the Imperium might actually work (or what changes are needed to make it work).  Everything that its members find interesting is within the remit of the project, and this includes fleshing out information on the alien races, fiction, artwork, roleplaying and wargaming.

To try and remain a certain amount of focus, we try and keep in mind certain agendas...

An Average Sector... Not Quite

In its infancy the goal of the Anargo sector was to create the "average" sector of the Imperium. Nothing special, but rather a template that could be used as a basis for creating other Imperial sectors.  The desires of contributors, however, has moved us away from this so that in this third incarnation Anargo is really not quite an average sector, threatened as it is by the "Green Tide" from the Cruciatine sector, the war-torn Castellan sector, the troubles of the Anargan Abyss or the Machiavellian politics of the Anargo and Merenas subsectors as they fight for economic and political dominion over the sector... The hidden war between the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Adeptus Ministorum, or even the ancient secrets hidden by the Adeptus Mechanicus in the beyond of Archiaos.

A Collaborative Project

Since the conceptualisation of the project back in the days of 'ole Portent, the originator of the project—Kage2020—has wanted the project to be collaborative.  Rather than one person working to the limits of their own abilities, the project would hopefully be the combined efforts of many working to the extent of their collective imaginations and skills.  At the time of writing, the third iteration of the project is going through a rather quiet time, so it is left to the "primary project leaders" Destecado, Dragon Lord, and Kage2020 to keep the project going until it hopefully once again takes off and becomes the den of activity that it once was.

It would, however, be remiss of us to forget the past.  In earlier iterations specific contributors had a significant formative and creative impact upon the project: CELS, Dazo, Malika, and Tynesh to name but a few.  

A Narrative, Not Just a Setting

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Anargo Sector Project is that it is designed ground up to be a setting. Indeed, in the third incarnation of the project, which as mentioned before offers the greatest departure from previous approaches, the narrative has completely reshaped the concepts of the sector.  Thus, while the initial focus of the project is setting detailed and rich information on the setting of Anargo, ultimately the story will progress.  Depending on the actions of the project members, whether the result of a wargame or roleplaying game, the development of certain art or fiction, the setting will change.  Will Castellan fall to the Green Tide?  Will Merenas gain ascendancy as the Anargo sector capital, or will Lord Anargo's machinations keep the impetuous upstart in its place? 

All of these questions are for the project members to answer, and through offering up an answer begin to interpret the 40k universe and shape the Anargo sector.

And Finally...

The Anargo Sector Project was never meant to be definitive, merely offer up an interpretation of the 40k universe and perhaps show 40k hobbyists of what can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Or a group of minds.

Further, we hope that the project also shows that what some 40k hobbyists do in their spare time can rival, even if in a small way, the productions of GW. Think about what that company could do if they put their mind to it and thought about the fan first...